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Talent Attraction, Selection and Employee Retention require a solid strategy to be in place and for the roadmap to be followed and closely monitored to optimise its effectiveness and its reduction in the “Cost to Hire” and “Time to Hire” ratios.

The “Cost to Hire” evaluation is commonly thought to be based on the fee charged by the Recruitment Consultancy, however, to calculate the true costs, you must also account for making poor, or uninformed hiring decisions.

The true reflection on the “Cost to Hire” must include direct costs (Recruitment Consultancy Fee) however, when you get it wrong, you must then account for indirect costs (unrecoverable salary, wasted management time, training cost, lost productivity, lost team productivity, indirect staff turnover, loss of business, impact on reputation)

The implications of a poor hiring decision on a company can be enormous. The cost of a poor hire at a chief executive level can be up to 30 times or more the cost of their salary and can cause the collapse of a business.

In addition to the more tangible costs, the effect that an unsuccessful hire might have on morale can be significant, especially if it is the second or third poor hire in a row. Employees can lose faith that the organisation can hire or retain at a certain level and consequently consider looking for another job.

It is often true that, very few people really want to consider the cost of a bad hire, whether this is obvious or hidden.

  • Strategic Cost to Hire Analysis
  • Recruitment Strategy Creation  
  • Candidate Engagement Advice
  • Candidate Recruitment Process
  • Behavioural and Cultural Fit Assessment
  • Talent Attraction Strategy 
  • Competency and Aptitude Assessment
  • Candidate Reference Checking
  • Talent Retention Strategy
  • Recruitment Cost Reduction
  • Optimised Candidate Recruitment Experience
  • Time to Hire Reduction Strategy

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